Context Driven Executive Search – this is our strength

What does it mean?

In Amrop we know that every business, every situation, every candidate is unique. Our aim is to understand and value YOUR uniqueness, both as a client and a candidate.

We will dig deeply and thoroughly into details to understand the context of the assignment and the final aim of the search process in order to come up with the solution which suits best for all related parties.

We do our tasks with passion, professionalism and dedication. We are focused, agile and entrepreneurs at heart. This is why our expertise is valued and why many of our clients and candidates often return to us.

We have global network that makes us international and domestic knowledge that makes us local. We are big and small at the same time.

We have been experts of Baltic executive search market since 1993. We execute more than 120 search assignments in these markets every year which makes us highly appreciated and recognized partner.

Welcome to Amrop.

Hanna Pentsa

Researcher Tallinn, Estonia +372 513 7847

Aiga Ārste – Avotiņa

Managing Partner Tallinn, Estonia +372 66 77 800

Jānis Bedrītis

Associate Partner Tallinn, Estonia +371 29115003

Siiri Sutt

Senior Consultant Tallinn, Estonia +372 515 7800

Liisa Raavel

Researcher Tallinn, Estonia +372 53229517

Helen Väljaste

Consultant (on maternity leave) Tallinn, Estonia